18% Raise for EMS Workers in Solano County, CA

When you’re working a high-intensity job responding to crises around the clock, it helps to know your coworkers have your back.  The EMS professionals who work with Medic Ambulance in Solano County, California, saw that solidarity in action last week when they ratified a new contract with 98.6 percent support.

“I’ve been a paramedic for a long time, and this is one of the best contracts we’ve had,” says Michael Fenwick.   The contract will increase wages by 18 percent in its first year.  Wages will rise by an average of 52.5 percent during a seven-year period.

The unit also secured much-needed improvements to working conditions and job security.  This kind of progress only happens when workers stand united.

“We were strong together,” says Steven Herlocker.  “We banded together and we really got something beneficial to all employees.”

More than 23,000 EMS workers nationwide are part of AFSCME.  Among them are thousands who work for private companies like Medic Ambulance.